Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some events as of recent...

1. I love Portos Potato Balls. I eat them AT LEAST once a week.

2. I started my job. I love it. It's nice not studying 8 hours a day, alone at home. Now I get to work in an office, with great people, and get PAID to do it!! :) Need your taxes done?

3. Christmas is just around the corner. I listen to KOST 103.5 on my way to work and sing to every single Christmas song. It's great.

4. I am on Week 8 (of 12) of half-marathon training. I am very sore. My longest run yet was last Saturday. I did 7 miles, non-stop. I usually like to pick a destination to run to. Saturday, I chose the neighboring city's cemetery to run to. Ironic? I pretty much wanted to die once I got there.

5. I just went to a 50's Christmas Party! You should do it sometime. So fun!!

6. I really want this for Christmas:

Want to come over and play it???


  1. YES i do want to play that wii game. PLease and thank you . P.s. I really love when you write on your blog. YOu should do it more often. Love you guts.

  2. you're awesome. i'm glad you're doing well. love you lots and miss you!

  3. emmmyyy!!!
    you are wonderful and i miss you.

    i, too, would love to play just dance with you! i, too, would like it for christmas (for my new wii!!!!)

    xoxo randa

  4. I LOVE JUST DANCE!!! LOOOOOOOOVEE IT. And congrats on your job! Miss you!!

  5. i agree with cat.
    she is my other half.

  6. I have never heard of Just Dance, but I will gladly come over and play it with you. After I stuff my face with Porto's Potato Balls. YUM! Glad you're loving being back at work!

    Love you!

  7. You look completely adorb in that 50's xmas photo!!! mail me some porto potato balls k thx xoxo

  8. :) love finding this! ps. porto balls are the bomb.

    oh - and please keep blogging! <3